Hi, in this article we will discuss how to meditate on chakras.

many of you will have this question in your mind that what is the correct way of doing meditation.

so let me tell you there is so much technique that people will talk about so-called advanced meditation techniques.

But I will teach/tell you about the ancient and effective technique which the base of the meditation and from which the journey of meditation will start.

so in ancient times, the people who contributed to yoga sutras and meditation has written down that there are some parts of our body where we can stay focus on them.

the information image of the chakras where on can meditate
how to meditate on chakras

The Head

The first position of our body is the space between two eyebrows. when you start to meditate them focus on between your eyebrows.

this will first active your brain cell and also you will feel good.

The Nose

Second part of your body is the front side of your nose or we can call it the tip of the nose. this is the easy part of the body where one can focus easily

The Throat

Your throat which is the vishudha chakra is part of your body where you can easily.

jut take deep breathe and while breathing feels that air in your throat and meditate on that stage.

this is one of the most beneficial practices for beginners to meditate properly

The Heart

The Heart is an Anahata chakra of our body. where one can meditate on the beats of the heart

to practice meditation on this chakra you have to feel the heartbeats while inhaling and exhaling.

feel the passing of air through the lungs. This should be practiced by the beginner.

The Naval

The naval is a Manipura chakra is also the place/point of the body where we can meditate.

To meditate on this chakra/point you should feel the inhaling and exhaling of the air in the body.

To meditate on this chakra is quite difficult for beginners to meditate.

so if you are practicing this technique you should avoid this.

so, this is the point/chakras of the body where you can meditate.

What we discussed above is the ancient and true meditative technique discribe in yog-sutras.

so if you want true meditative experience for your body and mind you should practice this technique.

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