Anulom vilom

anulom vilom
anulom vilom

Anulom vilom is the simplest and most effective pranayama to perform. its cure near about all the problem of the human body. and increase our immuno system. this is the simplest pranayama in which you have to take breathe from one nostril and breathe out from another one. so, let’s discuss the Anulom Vilom in details.

How to Do anulom Vilom : –

lets discuss the procedure of anulom vilom step by step.

  • first seat on the Yoga mat or ground or on a chair
  • stead in sukhasana or padmasana
  • Now from your right hand make the Vasu mudra that means touch your index finger to end of your thumb line that will make figure of zero
  • Now close your Right nostril from your thumb and breathe in from the left nostril.
  • after you filled your lungs with air now close your left nostril and breathe out from the Right One.
  • after that breathe in from your Right nostril and then close your Right nostril and breathe out from left one
  • Repeat the process.

(Tips : – while doing anulom vilom please chant “OM” this will add tremendous effect on your body)

Benefits of the Anulom Vilom

  • Anulom Vilom directly shows the effect on neuro system of the brain. and calm your thoughts
  • Anulom Vilom has the power to cure all the problems related with your brain. like memory loss, pain in the brain helps to calm your brain.
  • This pranayama also cures problems like syras. means when you feel that your one nostril is blocked. so, it also helps you in this condition
  • Also improves the blood circulation process of the body. maintain the needed rate of circulation in your body. and that helps to reduce problems like high blood pressure and low blood pressure.
  • Research say that the anulom vilom purify the veins system of our body in Ayurveda is also know as “nadishodhan”

Duration : –

This pranayama is not had any fixed duration even if you are a beginner you can do it according to your strength. but for effective benefits, you should do this pranayama at least 15 minute a day

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