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benefits of kapal bharti pranayama

Bhastrika Pranayam is one of the most effective pranayamas for the lungs and brain. this Pranayam can increase your will power and iQ level and also helps in sharping the memory. so let’s discuss benefits of bhastrika pranayama and how to do it in a proper manner

How to do Bhastrika : –

seat in one of the asanas which you’re comfortable in it. like sukhasana and padmasana. for this pranayama, padmasana is the best asana

Make sure that your spin is straight. Bhastrika is the exercise in which you have to”breathe in”and”breath out”forcefully.

Now inhale air in your lungs basically this is a breathing technique exercise. in which you have to breadth deeply.

your breath should be filled up to diaphragm area only no in the stomach.

Then exhale the air from the s. and do this process serval times.

This is one of the best and simple to do.

while doing bhastrika take care of these things : –

while doing bhastrika you must focus on your mind. and must observe your mind peacefully. and think that all the divine powers are with you. these things will increase the quality of your pranayama.

who can do bhastrika :-

basically,bhastrika pranayama is for all from child to adults But if you have any problem related to hearth and kidney then you should do this very slowly or you can avoid these and do anulom vilom instead of this pranayama. that will be more beneficial for your health.

and one more thing you can do. that is while performing this pranayama. you can chant the “om” within your mind.

Benefits of Bhastrika pranayama:

Bhastrika pranayama deals with the breathing pattern of our body. hence this pranayama provides more oxygen to our body than the normal breathing pattern.

Hence more oxygen helps to increase the efficiency of your vital organs

this pranayama is good for our brain. cause doing this pranayama more than 1 months you will realize that your memory power has increased.

This exercise will also help you to calm your mind and get your focus on different things.

What Bhastrika can cure : –

  1. Highly recommended for Brain diseases like Depression, Migraine, Parkinson’s Disease, Paralysis, etc.
  2. Good for the integration of mind that helps for Kundalini Jagran.
  3. It is very helpful to cure all heart diseases like angina, arteries blockages, etc.

precautions:- not fill your stomach while inhaling air. fill the air upto your chest only.

2. people who have heart problem should avoid this pranayama this will create pressure on your organ. so if you have any heart disease then you should avoid this.

3. in summertime you must reduce the time of doing Pranayam up to only 1 minute.

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