Benefits of Padmasana

Before discussing Benefits of Padmasana lets first know what is the padmasana means. so basically in yoga sutra padmasana means asana (sitting position) like “kamal” which means sitting position like lotus flower formation. so you will be wondering why this asana is called as lotus asana? Right. because we made a lotus-like structure while touching your one feet to the opposite thigh and vice versa. so it forms a lotus structure.

Benefits of Padmasana : –

  1. The main and most effective effect of this asana is its Keeps our spin straight. maintain your posture. we can say this is the main function of this asana.
  2. Increase the concentration level. if you seat in this asana while performing other pranayamas like bhastrika, bhramari then it will be more effective for you. performing other pranayama activities in padmasana increase concentration level
  3. The Padmasana Eases the pain of menstrual cycle in a woman and also reduce the pain (practicing day by day can also cure ) of sciatica.
  4. increase the calmness in the mind. that one can feel the peace in the brain
  5. Padmasana also stretches the muscle of ankle and knees.
Benefits of Padamasana
Benefits of Padmasan

How To Seat in padmasana:-

padmasana is very simple to do just seat on the ground. Now take the toe of the one leg and put in on the thigh of another leg. and repeat the process with another leg also. this will make the lotus-like structure. make sure that your spine and neck is straight.

it just simple as sukhasana to perform but in the beginning, you will feel pain in the legs or you will not be able to stay in padmasana but don’t worry. you will be used to with this for doing it at least 15 days. so keep practicing


There is no fix duration for this padmasan. it depends on your capability. but if you are beginner then only do it for 15-minute don’t do over it your legs muscle will damage. so pleases

after one month of practising you can do it as you can. thank you.

for better understanding also watch : – )

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