Benefits of Vrikshasana

Before learning about Vrikashasana and the benefits of vrikshasana. we should discuss about its meaning. vrikshasana is made from two words which is vriksh and asana vriksha means three and asana means like structure(for this particular exercise only).

Step to perform vrikshasana:-

  1. Begin by standing upright in samasthithi. your arms by your side and shoulder relax.
  2. Bend your right knee to the side and bring your right foot high up to your left thigh.
  3. Place the sole of your right foot flat and firm on your inner left thigh. Maintain your left leg straight with the foot firmly planted on the mat
  4. Breathe easy and find your balance.
  5. while inhaling deeply, gracefully raise your both arms over your head and join your palm in the namaskara mudra
  6. keep a firm distant graze
  7. Aim on a straight spine while taking extended deep breathe.
  8. Repeat the above step with your another leg.
benefits of vrikshasana.
benefits of vrikshasana

Benefits of Vrikshasana:-

helps to improve body balance.

gives your body the optimum posture

strengthens your legs thigh and shoulder

tons your arm and shoulder muscle.

Grants stability of body and mind.

can streghthen ligaments of your amkle and feet.

Best post for posture-related complaints

Duration :-

there is no fix duration for this yoga. but if you are beginner then you should do this asana for 10 minutes ( 5 minutes per leg). If you are practicing yoga for more than 1 month then you should increase your limit up to 25 minutes.

What should you not do :-

don’t put your feet on you exact knee position. keep it4cm up from your knee

For better understanding please check: –

so these are some benefits of Vrikshasana.

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