Bhramari Pranayama

Bhramari Pranayam is one of the best pranayamas among the top 8

.Bharamari pranayama is exercise-related with breathing process.bhramari is the fast pain reducer pranayama. And stress removal also. 

How to Do Bhramari Pranayama :-

  1. Seat in anyone asanas Like “sukhasana” or “Padmayana” or any other but make sure that your comfortable in that asana. And while seating your spin should be straight.
  2. Now take your both hand on your face as your index finger should be on the head. Your thumb should close your ear. And rest of the figure will in line with your nose. As shown in the figure.
  3. Now breath in and without opening your mouth chant the “om”.
  4. While doing these exercise don’t put pressure on your face.
Bhramari pranayama pose
benefits of bramari pranayama

Benefits of Bhramari :-

  1. When we chant om without opening our mouth. The sound which gets generated with this vibrate our brain cell. And hence our stress level decreases. 
  2. Memory sharpness :- this pranayama helps to sharpen our memory. 
  3. Reduce the stress level. And build internal peace.
  4. It enlivens the practitioners’ looks, improves the glamor of the face
  5. Bhramari is beneficial in High blood pressure. It has the strength to cure high blood pressures problem.

Duration :-

In the beginning, you can do it 10 times in a day or in a loop. If you are practicing it  form more than 1 month then you can do it more than 25 times in a day or in a loop.

Caution :
  This pranayama should be avoided in the case of Low blood pressures problem. Do not put pressure on your face while doing bhramari Pranayam.

Best time to do bhramari :-

Bhramari is the simple breathing exercise hence it can be performe any time. But do not perform while you just have dinner.

Bhramari Pranayama Cures

  • Excellent breathing exercise for meditation, the mind concentration enhances.
  • Mental tension, agitation, hypertension, migraine, paralysis, high blood pressure and heart diseases are positively affected.
  • Helps to cure migraine and paralysis.
  • It has immediate positive effect on ears, nose, eyes and mouth.

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