Ujjayi Pranayama

ujjayi pranayama is one of the most effective yoga technique for giving next level energy to our body. this is one of the pranayamas from the top 8 pranayamas which is considered at the top level.in this article, we will discuss how to do ujjayi Pranayam. and some of its benefits.

How To Do ujjayi pranayama.

  1. Seat in sukha- asana or any other in which you will feel comfortable.
  2. Then make Vayu mudra joining your index fingers to the thumb.
  3. tight your throat. and inhale air.
  4. Now when you will inhale air in the body. the sound will be generating through your throat.
  5. now hold your breath at least for 10 sec.
  6. Then close your right nostril. and exhale air from the left nostril.
mudra of ujjayi pranayama
ujjayi pranayama mudra

that’s the right way of doing ujjayi pranayama. according to yoga Shatrra

Benefits of ujjayi pranayama.

ujjayi pranayama deals with the nasal cavity and the throat. and hence doing ujjayi pranayama is beneficial from our throat and nasal cavity. ujjayi pranayama has the capacity to completely cure thyroid problem. in the interval of three months.

The problem of showering at night can be cure with the ujjayi Pranayam. because it helps to clear the nostrils cavity. the air that we intake doesn’t get any obstacle to reach out to the lungs.

What is the best time to do ujjayi ?

you can do this exercise at any time in a day. because ujjayi pranayama deals with the nasal cavity. and the throats it’s easy to do at any time.

Who can do the ujjayi ?

This pranayama is for all. from kids to adults. but in case you have high B.P. problem then you should do it more carefully. or

you can avoid it. in this case of low or high B.P. problems, anulom vilom is best for your health than ujjayi.

(check the video for ujjayi pranayama:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8dd8gAxLDI )

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