Vajrasana is the one of the form of seating position called as asana. in which vajra means metal like structure or hard structure and asana means seating postition. its litterally meaning is to seat like a vajra completely straight.

Step To Do Vajrasana :-

  1. Seat in the position of sukhasana
  2. Then bend your knee such that your palm touches your hips
  3. make sure that your thumbs are touching each other.

this are the simple steps of Vajrasana.

Now there are many other asanas that you can do with vajrasana or simply we can called it the variation of the vajrasana. we will discuss its steps and the benefits.

A) The First variation of the vajrasana :-

First obviously seat in the vajrasana after that take your palms of both hand and put on the navel and breathe deeply.

Now exhale the air and move down such that your head touches to the knee. stay in the position for at least 2 minutes. then get back to your position while taking breathe.

BE Careful: – If you have problems related to the heart and the back so you should avoid this asana or this asana will increase your pain.

B) The Secoound variation of the Vajrasana:-

Seat in the position of Vajrayana. touch your right-hand index finger to the navel and put your left and palm to that finger such that its pressure will go downwards.

Breathe deeply do this for atleast 2 minutes. This will help to cure problem-related to the stomach like acidity alsar and other gas problems.

C) The third variation of the Vajrasana :-

while seating in vajrasana take your palm of both the hands and touch it below the navel

now take a deep breathe and exhale all the air from the body. and go down such that your head touches to your knee.

Stay in that position for 2 -3 minutes

This variation of of these asana will cure the problems of intestine and hernia, and all the infections related to the intestines.


The right duration of vajrasana is 10 to 15 minutes. cause it painful at starting days that why in beginning you should try it for 5 – 10 minutes only.

Who Can Do:-

All the ages groups from the 7 years and above can do the Vajrayana. it is safe for all.

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