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vipassana meditation

In this blog, we will discuss vipassana meditation. that exactly what we have to in this meditation center of vipassana igatpuri.

What is Vipassana?

basically, vipassana means to know the thing what they are actually. I know that you find that meaning very difficult don’t worry read further to know more

Vipassana meditation is the 10 days meditation course conducted in Igatpuri and many more centers.

in which they provide you a separate room to stay. and you have to follow a pure veg diet during the Vipassana meditation at Igatpuri.

during the course, you have not allowed talking to anyone you have to be complete silence.

also, they don’t allow to carry a mobile phone with you and other things like laptops and a wallet.

image of man performing vipassana meditation
Vipassana igatpuri meditation

The routine of Vipassana igatpuri,

this course has its own rule and you are not allowed to break any of them.

so, you have to wake up at 4 am,

and get fresh upto 4:30 then at 4:30 meditation process get started in the meditation hall.

and after 2 hours of meditation then they give you breakfast at 6:30. at breakfast,

they provide idli dosa and some fruits.

now at 8 – 11 pm the second round of meditation gets started. and after 11 pm there is a free time so you can get relax.

after one hour sharp at 12 pm they give us to lunch at lunch they provide roti rice and some fruits.

now at 12-1 pm, it’s our rest time. after 1:30 the third round of meditation gets started.

and its take upto 3:30 pm now after 3:30 we can hang out but we are not

allowed to talk to anyone nor have eye contact with any other person.

and at 5 pm the fourth round of meditation gets started. and it runs up to 6 pm.

after meditation, we get a tea and milk time which is up to 7 pm and after that,

the fifth and final round of meditation gets started up to 9:30 and after that, we can go to sleep.

that the whole time table of the day at vipassana meditation at igatpuri.

Benefits of Vipassana :-

vipassana helps to sharp up memory, increase focus, and maintain your hormonal balance and provide you a good sleep

Its also improve your health and give a boost to your immunity power.

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